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Under the Chinese occupation many Tibetan towns and cultural landmarks not only were destroyed but also renamed with new Chinese names.

To stop this ongoing attempt to systematically wipe out the Tibetan identity, language and tradition, we are starting a worldwide petition asking Google to put Tibet’s heritage back on the map – by officially adding the traditional Tibetan names written in the Tibetan alphabet.

Please support our peaceful protest by sharing this map and writing a comment to help convince Google. If you would like to contribute your knowledge of historical names, places and stories, please contact us at

Seven ways to help us put the Tibetan language officially on Google Maps.

  • 1. this map with your friends
  • 2. Comment and express your opinion
  • 3. Support Tibet with a tweet #tibetonthemap
  • 4. Follow us on Twitter
  • 5. Change your profile on your social networks
  • 6. Write us at
  • 7. Spread the word by telling everyone about it


To spread the message, please download these cover & profile images for your social networks or the complete press kit with pictures.

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Contact for Europe:
Tibetan Youth Association in Europe
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Tibetan Youth Congress
Tsewang Rigzin (President)


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