Popular Beers In Tibet


Tibet, a land of stunning landscapes and vibrant cultural heritage, has a growing beer culture that adds a refreshing touch to its culinary scene. The popularity of beer in Tibet has risen steadily, with locals and tourists alike indulging in this effervescent beverage. In this article, we will take a sip into the world of Tibetan beer, uncovering the most popular brews that have become a toast to tradition and a symbol of conviviality in this enchanting region.

A Toast to Tradition: Exploring Tibet’s Most Popular Beers

Before delving into specific beer brands, it is essential to understand the emerging beer culture in Tibet. In recent years, beer consumption has gained popularity, reflecting changing preferences and a growing tourism industry. Tibetan beer culture blends the traditional warmth of Tibetan hospitality with the enjoyment of a cold, refreshing brew.

Popular Beers In Tibet

Lhasa Beer:

Lhasa Beer is one of the most well-known and widely consumed beer brands in Tibet. It is brewed by the Lhasa Brewery, which was established in 1988. Lhasa Beer is a lager-style beer that is crisp, light-bodied, and easy to drink. It is made using high-quality barley and pure Himalayan spring water, resulting in a clean and refreshing taste. Lhasa Beer has gained popularity both within Tibet and internationally.

Lhasa Beer 11P:

Lhasa Beer 11P is a stronger version of the classic Lhasa Beer, with a higher alcohol content. It offers a more robust flavor profile while retaining the smoothness and drinkability of its predecessor. Lhasa Beer 11P is often preferred by those seeking a bolder beer experience.

Lhasa Beer 10P:

Lhasa Beer 10P is another variant of the original Lhasa Beer, with a slightly lower alcohol content. It maintains the crisp and refreshing characteristics of Lhasa Beer while providing a lighter option for those who prefer milder beers.

Tibet Green Barley 10°P:

Tibet Green Barley 10°P is a unique beer brewed in Tibet, known for its use of green barley. Green barley refers to barley that is harvested and used before it fully matures, giving the beer a distinctive flavor and aroma. This beer has a smooth and slightly sweet taste, with a hint of grassiness from the green barley. Tibet Green Barley 10°P showcases the region’s agricultural heritage and is appreciated for its unique character.

Tuborg Green

Tuborg Green, a Danish brand, has also gained popularity among beer enthusiasts in Tibet. Known for its smooth and balanced flavor, Tuborg Green has become a favorite choice for those seeking a high-quality international beer experience. Its availability in Tibet reflects the region’s growing connection with global beer trends.

Chang Beer

Chang Beer, originating from Thailand, has made its mark in Tibet’s beer scene. This lager-style beer offers a light and refreshing taste, making it a popular choice for those seeking a crisp and easy-drinking option. Chang Beer’s availability in Tibet highlights the influence of international beers in shaping the preferences of local consumers.

Shangri-La Beer

Shangri-La Beer, produced by the Shangri-La Highland Craft Brewery, is a local craft beer brand that celebrates the unique flavors and traditions of Tibet. This brewery prides itself on using locally sourced ingredients, such as Tibetan barley, to create distinctive brews. Shangri-La Beer offers a range of styles, from pale ales to stouts, showcasing the creativity and craftsmanship of the local brewing industry.

Everest Beer

Everest Beer, produced by the Mount Everest Brewery Company, captures the spirit of adventure and the allure of the world’s highest peak. This brand’s lager-style beer is known for its smoothness and easy-drinking character. Everest Beer serves as a symbol of exploration and enjoyment, perfectly complementing the majestic landscapes of Tibet.

Tibetan Barley Beer:

Tibetan barley beer is a traditional beer brewed in Tibet using locally grown barley. It is a staple beverage in Tibetan culture and has a rich history dating back centuries. Tibetan barley beer is typically light in color, crisp, and refreshing, with a distinct malty flavor. It is often enjoyed during festive occasions and gatherings, symbolizing friendship and celebration.

Darhawug Rinbog Chang from Shigatse:

Darhawug Rinbog Chang is a popular beer brand from Shigatse, a city in Tibet. It is brewed using traditional Tibetan brewing techniques, including the use of locally sourced ingredients such as barley and hops. Darhawug Rinbog Chang is known for its smooth taste, balanced flavors, and the perfect amount of carbonation. It is a favorite among locals and visitors to the region.

Craft Beers and Microbreweries

In recent years, the craft beer movement has also made its way to Tibet, with the emergence of microbreweries offering unique and artisanal brews. These breweries, such as the Shambhala Brewery in Lhasa, focus on small-batch production, experimenting with flavors and styles that cater to the evolving tastes of beer enthusiasts.

When it comes to popular beverages in Tibet, beer holds a special place in the hearts of locals and visitors alike. Tibetan beers are known for their unique flavors, often incorporating the region’s staple crop, barley. In this article, we will explore some of the most popular beers in Tibet, highlighting their characteristics, brewing techniques, and cultural significance.


Tibet’s beer culture has evolved alongside its vibrant culinary and cultural heritage, providing a refreshing and convivial experience for locals and visitors alike. From the iconic Lhasa Beer to the international brands like Tuborg Green and Chang Beer, each sip represents the fusion of tradition and modernity in Tibet’s beer scene.

The emergence of local craft breweries like Shangri-La Beer and the influence of microbreweries highlight the region’s willingness to embrace innovation while preserving its distinct flavors. Whether enjoyed during festive celebrations

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